Workforce Training Programs Available at No Cost to Eligible Employers

Business & Professional Excellence Program
Training to Elevate Your Workforce

Companies are experiencing extraordinary growth and change. Success depends on attracting and retaining top talent and standing out from the competition. The Center for Corporate and Professional Education is offering training free of charge through a grant from the Workforce Training Fund to help eligible companies and their staff reach their full potential. Training programs are being offered in three core topics: Communication, Team Dynamics and Productivity. Employees are welcome to complete the entire series or chose from only relevant programs.

Soft Skill Training Courses Available:

Training programs kick-off in January 2017 and will be offered multiple times in different regions until June 30, 2018 to accommodate employers.

Required Employer Eligibility Forms

If you are interested in participating in the program, the eligibility process is very simple. Only two forms are required:

1. Obtain Your Certificate of Good Standing Now!
Eligible employers will be required to submit a Certificate of Good Standing that is less than six months old at point of first submission. The certificate will remain on file for the life of the grant. Please Note: It may take a week or more to receive your Certificate of Good Standing. The request should be made as soon as possible.

Apply Online for your Certificate of Good Standing. Before beginning this process, make sure that you have the entity’s id number and a list of tax types filed with DOR readily available.

2. Employer Eligibility Form. To verify company eligibility, section I (Company Information) is the only section required. Once we receive approval that you are eligible, we will circle back around to have you fill out sections II, III, IV. (EE form.pdf)

All forms (Certificate of Good Standing and Employer Eligibility with only Section I completed) should be emailed to the CCPE office at or mailed to The Center for Corporate and Professional Education, Attention Tammi Jacobsen, 540 Main Street, Hyannis, MA 02601.

Questions? Contact Michelle Constantino, Employer Relations Manager, at 508-364-0923 or email


This project is funded by a Workforce Training Fund grant through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. The grant program is administered by Commonwealth Corporation.